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Are you 100% healthy? No?

Do you suffer from low energy, digestive difficulties, hormonal imbalances or allergies for example?

Then perhaps you could benefit from a nutritional consultation.

Nutritional therapy is a form of complementary medicine which seeks to improve health through dietary manipulation. Good nutrition is vital to good health but it is often confusing to know what constitutes a healthy diet. Many people do not realise that most of the food we eat is heavily contaminated with additives such as chemical preservatives, colours, flavours, antibiotics, fertilisers and pesticides. Nowadays it is very difficult to get all the nutrients we need from even a balanced diet.

In today's stressful, fast-paced world few people have time to eat properly, and frequently burn the candle at both ends. Health problems often follow. If this sounds like you, a nutritional consultation could help.

Nutritional therapists believe that we are all unique, with different nutritional requirements. Following a nutritional consultation you will be provided with an individual programme suggesting foods to improve your health, and if necessary, nutrients and herbs to rebalance your body. Consideration is always given to individual requirements and lifestyle factors.

Can I Be Helped?
Nutritional Therapy can help a wide range of conditions. Some commonly encountered conditions include:

- Low energy and fatigue
- Headaches and migraine
- Digestive problems and IBS
- Weight control
- PMT and menopausal problems
- Low immunity
- Hyperactivity and ADHD
- Arthritis and joint pain
- Skin conditions
- Addictions and cravings
- Candida
- High blood pressure
- Allergies

Remember - it is your right to feel 100% healthy. Don't just settle for feeling OK. Take charge of your health today.

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Cathy Robinson BScDipNutMed Nutritional Therapy

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